Process of making cookie cutter

Process of making cookie cutter

In this section we would like to show you how the whole process of creating a single cookie cutter is done. As simple as it may seem, the whole production is quite a complex process, consisting of many steps. So let's take a look at it together.
1. Concept
It is probably not surprising that at the beginning of everything there must be an idea of what shape I want to create. It's quite easy at the beginning because you have a lot of ideas and you want to do everything. After I get clear on exactly what I want to do, it's time to draw the sketch. If I'm not at the computer or just need to sketch something quickly, I use a good old pencil and a small notebook.


2. Modeling
Tato část už se celá odehrává na počítači. Nejprve musím překreslit návrh do 2D a potom ho převést do 3D, tak aby se vytvořili stěny a další detaily. First the embossing part of the cutter is made and when it is completely finished, the cutting part comes next. When this rough model is finished, it's time to post process the model. These are a lot of small steps that ensure a better print quality and improve the functionality of the die cutter. 

3. 3D print

After modelling both parts, we move on to the actual printing on the 3D printer. There's not much to add to this step, you send the printer the model to print. We currently have 2 printers set up to print the cutters  and we use another printer occasionally. The printers are named according to their colours. The red one as Rubby and the purple one as Amy (amethyst).



4. Try the efficiency

This is one of my favorite parts, when I get a finished cookie cutter and it's up to me to try it in action. If there's a problem somewhere or the cutter needs just a little adjustment somewhere, we go back to the model and adjust it, followed by another print and test.


5. Finish product

After all the steps are done, there is nothing left to do but to take pictures and put them on the profile and we are done!


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