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Pinto horse - cookie cutter set

Pinto horse - cookie cutter set

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The cutter consists of two parts, a contour cutter, which will cut out the resulting shape and an embossing cutter, which will give you the appropriate relief in the dough, this part is not intended to be cut.

Dimensions of the resulting biscuit:
- Height: 70 mm
- Width: 85 mm

The cookie cutters are modeled and printed using a 3D printer made of PLA, which is made from corn starch, making it more environmentally friendly. The cookie cutters are made of certified plastic and are safe for food contact.

How to take care of cookie cutters?
- The cookie cutters will last a long time, just wash them in lukewarm water using a sponge. Do not put into the dishwasher

Cutting tips.
- For more complicated shapes, we recommend using an emboser first and making relief on the whole dough before making a cut. You will get much better results and the dough will not stay in the embosser.
- At the beginning it will take you a while to figure out how much you should push the emboser to have a nice relief and not to keep the dough in the embosser. We recommend pushing lightly first and gradually pushing down until the desired result is achieved.
- If it is decided to use a dough with soda or baking powder, the relief may not look as nice as before baking.
- It also proved to give remaining buttery dough after cutting out for a while into the refrigerator to solidify again, and then to work with it again.

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